SSC-Stat v.2

SSC-Stat v.2 2.18

Generates graphs based on the data entered in Excel spreadsheets
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Manipulates user's data by creating understandable, yet advanced, graphs using columns, generating factors. It also supports producing boxplots.

The Statistical Services Centre (SSC) of the University of Reading provides consultancy and training in statistics and data management to a broad client base in the UK, Europe and in developing countries. Our clients include industry, government, international organisations and the academic world.
SSC-Stat is an add-in for Microsoft Excel. Many people start with their data in Excel, so it is logical to build on that and add some features often needed for statistical analysis.SSC-Stat is designed to strengthen those areas where the spreadsheet package is already strong, principally in the areas of data management, graphics and descriptive statistics. The idea was initially conceived as the result of comments from participants attending our course Microsoft Excel for Statistics? What you can and cannot do.

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